At Northeast Metrology we offer a full range of calibration and repair of most precision measuring equipment. Upon receipt for calibration each tool is visually inspected and its surface cleaned as needed. Then a series of measurements are taken to insure that the tool is performing correctly and is within manufacturer's tolerances. We have the capabilities to perform both English and Metric measurements. Minor adjustments can be made at this time to insure the accuracy of the tool. If it is determined that the gage is in need of repair the customer will be called for authorization to repair. Finally, a certification is produced recording the results of the calibration.

Procedures, work instructions and Certifications meet the requirements of ISO 9002, ISO 10012-1, and ISO Guide 25. Over the years, 25% of the clients using Northeast Metrology as their Calibration source have become ISO Certified. We have direct traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

We have an established recall system to help customers keep their Measurement and Test Equipment within their calibration times. We maintain on file a copy of each Certification we issue and also have them on computer disk for retrieval if necessary. In case of a lost Certification we are able to fax a copy to a customer within minutes of a request.

Before shipment each gage is wrapped in foam-wrap (or its case if provided), and them in another style of packaging to assure its protection throughout the shipment process.

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