With Auto-Pins software developed by Northeast Metrology, we have revolutionized the way economy pins (.0002 in. tolerance pins) are calibrated and certified. With the ISO standards many customers inquired about their need to document each pin separately on a single certification. We now have that capacity to report the actual size of each pin through our Auto-Pins software.

Pins are calibrated using a Mitutoyo LSM-544 Series Laser Micrometer. This equipment is accurate to .00001 inch, and is repeatable within .0000 inch. The laser micrometer scans the pin at a rate of 350 times per second!

For those customers not needing the accuracy of individual pin measurements, there is another way to report pin gage calibration and that is to give a blanket style certification in which the data is reported only as a range of the highest and lowest deviations found throughout the pin set. Blanket certifications are less costly.

The actual calibration procedure for both of the above are they same. It is the degree of detail reported on the certification, which differentiates them.

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*All calibration is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.), and ISO Guide 25, ISO 10012-1, & ISO 9002. (Certificate)

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