Northeast Metrology has the capability for torque wrench, torque driver and torque watch calibration. We use a calibration system purchased from the Torque Specialties Division of AKO Inc., which has the capacity to handle a range of torque equipment from 0-800 oz./in. to 0-50 lb./in. to 0-200 lb./ft. Most all makes and models can be calibrated using our torque calibration system. The customer's torque equipment will be calibrated in one or both directions depending on the torque item. Northeast Metrology calibrates to original manufacturer's specifications for accuracy.

If the torque equipment is out of specification, Northeast Metrology has the ability to repair the item in house. If there is a need for repair a quote will be given before proceeding with the repair. Calibration data in regards to "As Received" and after repair are provided on the certification.

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*All calibration is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.), and ISO Guide 25, ISO 10012-1, & ISO 9002. (Certificate)

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