Northeast Metrology has established a mobile unit that allows us to calibrate customers' equipment at their facilities. This has expanded our ability to service customers we might not have been able to service in the past.

Employees at Northeast Metrology who work on-site are trained in the use of laptop computers to generate certifications as they calibrate the tool. When an on site job is completed the customer then has all the certifications. This includes certifications for rejected tools to provide a paperwork trail until the tools are either repaired or disposed of.

On site jobs can range from 75 to 1100 pieces of equipment, and can require a stay for a week or longer. With many on-site jobs our customer's quality manager is better able to review how their calibration system is set up and if it is working properly. With new or even established quality systems, we will give our customers as much help as needed in setting up and/or revamping their system including establishing a computer database for the storage of certifications and/or a system for identifying tools with serial numbers.

Regular, Mechanical, and Electronic versions of the tools we calibrate On-Site:
Bore GagesHeight Gages
CalipersHeight Transfer Gages
MicrometersIndicators (Dial & Test)
Intra-MicrometersIndicator Micrometers
Interchangeable-Anvil Micrometers

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